In The End, It Doesn’t Even Matter

Many years ago I found myself alone in my studio with an Access Virus on loan for the evening.

As a way to figure it out I fed it a Linkin Park midi file and sat about putting some sounds in. Three hours later I put some quick vocals on it for a laugh and recorded it. It wasn’t an XP8 track, it was just me, but as always I put the band first. The next day I uploaded it onto a music sharing site, I think it was Audiogalaxy, under the name Linkin Park – In The End (XP8 cover). It was a sneaky trick, and as I predicted it was downloaded a lot: people didn’t realise it was a cover till too late. I expect most hated it. But, we did get a mention or two on some Linkin Park fan sites.

When I heard Chester Bennington was dead I thought of this, all those years ago.


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