Video: The Oldest Goth Club in the World: Slimelight

Nothing quite like it, though back in the day I rather liked Wraith, a more industrial goth version and less punk. There were times back at the start of the 90s when Slimelight would start to get heavy at 4 in the morning and I’d be weighing up a nightbus home. Wraith on the other hand had enough to keep me interested until sun up and a bleary tube train home.

From Dance Floor to Dashboard: How Techno Is Helping Change The Sound Of Cars For the Better – Attack Magazine

“With the rise in popularity of electric vehicles (EV), car manufacturers are taking the opportunity to redefine the sound of the automobile. Aside from tires rolling on pavement, EV are almost completely quiet. There’s no engine noise because there’s no combustion engine. Because of various safety concerns, EV are required to make some kind of sound to alert pedestrians to their presence. Just what form that sound will take, however, is up to the companies themselves.”

The idea is a good one, but the results are still lacking something for me. The Japanese video in particular is like a long scream and got very old very quick. I like the idea of getting a Shepard Tone in the “engine sound” that never gets too high in pitch. Time to watch some sci-fi films to see how Hollywood has treated the subject of spaceship and other futuristic vehicle sounds.