Killer Whales are Kinda Scary

Films like Jaws have done much to give us humans a reasonably unhealthy terror of the Great White Shark, but they are pussy cats compared to Orcas. Erroneously name Killer Whales (they aren’t whales, they are actually dolphins – the correct name would be Whale Killers) they like nothing better than killing Great Whites just so they can nibble on their livers like some kind of Sea World Hannibal Lecter. The sharks know this, and get the hell out of Dodge should they get a whiff of an Orca in the neighbourhood. Just how far they are prepared to run is nicely demonstrated by what happened in the year 2000 when a tagged Great White realised there were Orcas in the vicinity: it dived to 500 metres and then swam some 3000 kilometres to Hawaii, where one presumes it worked on its tan.

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