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Language: Collective Nouns

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Most English language speakers (unless they have studied at university level, or have found themselves teaching English as a second language, like myself) will never consider their use of Collective Nouns. It's a shame, as they can be very interesting. For example, it was the collective noun "a murder of crows" that inspired one of my songs, which then gave me the idea for an album dedicated to vendetta, and ultimately inspired me to come up with the title "The Art of Revenge". Sadly a very obvious title, but when you are in a band with non-English mother tongues you can't rely on much help. Whenever you have a group of things, or objects, there is a name that you use. For example, a herd of cows, a shoal of fish, a flock of birds, or an atlas of maps. Then things can get stranger, as we have a pride of lions, a wad of money, or a team of oxen. Somewhere down the line the creators of language got drunk, and came up with a conspiracy of ravens, a parliament of rooks, a bed of snakes, or an ambush of spiders. In the end, however, we come to one of my favourites, possibly not actually guaranteed to be the queen's English, but anyway. My hat goes off to the creator of: A bunch of cunts.

It's Hot

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The heat has arrived with a vengeance. After a long winter/spring that was mild and yet pretty wet, the summer has finally raised its head here in Italy and with a brief "fuck you guys", it's now sticky and hard work...
..Only way to cope is windows and doors all open first thing in the morning and during the evening, but from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. it's shutters closed, windows too, and just sit it out. When I lived in England the idea of shutting windows to make it colder wouldn't have made sense, but trust me, it does now.
What with 39 centigrade in the sun, and too many trains / buses / underground trains without air conditioning (yes, this is a hot country, no, nobody got organised) it's a relief that work lets up some, with lessons dying out in the next week or so. More time to stay home, make some music, and sort house and garden. Never ends.
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