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Boys like Toys, and this one likes watches

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Nice and sexy watch, love the all black, and of course, any 23 is always welcome.

It's been a busy month so far. Usually the teaching winds down as summer hits, but this year I've got an intensive course next week, and it seems quite a few people want lessons right till the end of the month. It's all good, as it means next month when I don't work at all, I can relax some and not worry about making ends meet when September rears its head.
Talking of summer hitting, well, it has. It's been blisteringly hot in the past week, with temperatures touching 40°C. Public transport in these conditions has been unbearable, especially on one of Rome's only two underground lines, which doesn't have air-conditioning... The only solution for now is handing out free bottles of water. Providing showers would be a nice idea too...

None of this will matter next week though, as finally I have the bike on the road. After wasting more than 3 months waiting for an Italian identity card (this weekend I'll write about that little adventure) I finally have everything sorted and I'm good to roll. As soon as August is here I'm taking the bike off to the coast for some eagerly-awaited messing about in the water.

In case you're wondering, this is the bike:

Majesty 250.
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