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Thoughts - 4 July 2010

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And just how far down this spiral have you fallen?

A man buys a goat from a farmer. The farmer goes to his farm to get it, but when he comes back he says that the goat died while he was out. The man asks for his money back, but the farmer says that he's really sorry, but he spent it in town. The man says "alright, give me the goat anyway, I'll raffle it off." The farmer responds, " You can't raffle of a dead goat!" "Sure I can, I just won't tell anyone that it's dead."


So the farmer gives the man the goat, and doesn't see him again until a week later. The farmer asks, "How'd the raffle go?" "Great, I sold 100 tickets for $10 bucks each. I made $990". The farmer is incredulous. "Didn't anybody complain about the dead goat?" "Only the guy that won, so I gave him his money back."

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Site Overhaul & New Photo Pages - 21 May 2010

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www.coresect Photo Site

There's a new look for the first page, and I've adeed a new section dedicated to my photography.

What's Been Going On?

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This and that actually. Had some time in the UK for one of my cousin's wedding, ended up taking photographs for it, and they came out pretty good in the end. Not something I've done before, but hey, family is family.
I have a load of stuff to put on the site, so much I feel rather daunted. First of all I want to redesign the front page, make it with a real menu leading to music, photography, blog and anything else that comes to mind. Then the photography section has to be sorted too, right now it's virtually non-existent.
Right, so here's to a flurry of activity, hoping it's not going to be too brief.
Oh, passed my motorcycle theory exam, practical part coming up.

So, What's News?

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Ah yes, the squirrel. Nice story, couple were taking a self portrait, you know the thing: put the camera on a rock, click the timer, lights flash (once upon a time it whirred as the timer was manual) and just before the camera snaps the couple perched in front of a lake - whoops, a little ground squirrel pops up next to the camera to be immortalised forever (with couple laughing like drains in the background)... Oh alright then, here's the bloody picture (you could have looked for it yourself, you know...).

So, as I was saying, one of the many nutters/saints who populate made the "squirreliser", where you can put the url of any picture, and it gets "squirreled". Yes, he's spelt it with a 'z', but he's submitting to American indoctrination).

It stopped working a couple of nights ago (they ran out of squirrels) so your mileage may vary. B3ta also gave me a bookmark that allows you to substitute all the photos on a site with pictures from flickr of a theme of your choice (like kittens, or guns). Little things to pass the time...

It's been hot. When I wake up it's already 30°C / 90°F in the bedroom, outside it's hotter.
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