Technology is a Sacrifice
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I took a little look at some of my new hobbies that I've been working on this last year or two: making knives, rehandling axes with wood cut from trees cut down with aforementioned axes, growing vegetables, leatherwork, and now getting fit. Yeah, I'm sorted when the zombies come calling, and you guys are gonna get screwed so bad...

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If you want to get a hat, get a head...

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Organise a school trip to a morgue (orly?) where they find their dead schoolmate's brain in a jar on display. Tactful and tasteful. Too early for Halloween?

Kids Came Across a Jar with a Brain Floating Inside and Their Dead Friend's Name on Label During Field Trip at Morgue

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Important stuff, gravy, and as winter draws in it'll be time for stews, shepherd's pies, toad in the holes and the like.I have to confess, I do sometimes resort to grabbing the granules. Cheating? Could be, but it's that or Oxxo unless I have a load of fat dripping out of something to help me.
Is your stock in trade shop-bought or homemade? How do you do your patriotic duty by the scrapings in the roasting pan?

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