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Learn to Pray!

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Learn to Pray!



Never strikes twice...

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Three nights ago we had a great storm come in from the south, so up the valley we look down into. I set up the camera on a tripod and shot off a lot of pictures.
It should have been quite easy to get some lightning, just use a long exposure time, like 30 seconds or so, and sooner or later you'll get something, but with a 30 second shot, the camera takes the same time again to write the data to the memory card, I think I might be buying a faster one soon.
So I'd take the picture and nothing would happen, and then as the camera was saving I'd see 50 flashes light the evening sky.
In the end I got three with lightning in, this one is probably the best. I haven't made any corrections yet, just cropped it.


Infrared view

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Taken with a Dynax 4D, and given the pseudo infrared effect in photoshop.
Click on the photograph to see a larger version.
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