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FlickRiver - 26 June 2010

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coresect - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

This and That - 26 June 2010

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So I spotted this photograph somewhere during my wandering (drop me a line and I'll link and credit you) and it struck a chord. Advances in technology have made things a lot easier, but not always a lot better. Taking photography as the example (but this could be just as easily applied to many things, like making music or driving cars) when people first started freezing time on to paper it was a mysterious form of alchemy and magic, understood by few and practised by even fewer.
Even as technology took great strides forward and cameras stopped being the size of suitcases and the art evolved into something more and more people could do, it wasn't for "everyone". To take a photograph took a combination of skill, technique and vision, and every photograph was considered carefully. There was no auto-focus, no auto-exposure, no matrix metering, no auto everything, no zoom lens, no dedicated automatic flash, no instant view of what you did (or didn't) freeze for posterity. Sometimes you wouldn't be able to see precisely what you were taking photographs of without adapters, a cloth over your head or just a great deal of imagination.
Having a manual only camera forced photographers to understand how the camera worked, why aperture and shutter speed were important, as well as the film speed and the different characteristics the films had. There was no "fixing it with photoshop", though there were wizards who performed "shadow puppet" magic in the darkroom, not everyone was prepared to go and stand in the dark in a room often not much bigger than a cupboard for hours on end with only chemical fumes and a red light for company.
Taking good photographs was harder, even taking bad photographs was more difficult, and when something is different, not many people want to do it. Don't get me wrong, this isn't about exclusivity, it's about dedication, it's about the spirit and it's about the "art". Buying a violin does not make one a violinist, or a musician. Having a saw does not make you a carpenter, and having oil paint and an easel does not make you a painter. I think twice before calling myself a musician: I can create music, I can make songs, I produce an album of music, but I cannot play an instrument, and I don't know a crotchet from a quaver. Am I a musician? How about a person who is a classically trained pianist, who can not only read music score but also write it. Is he a musician? What about if he cannot create any music of his own at all? He isn't a composer then, nor a songwriter, but he is an instrumentalist, so perhaps musician is too strong a word?
Nowadays the rules have changed, you can buy a cheap camera and be taking pictures the moment you put the batteries in it. You can drive your car with its ABS and countless other three letter acronyms that give you skills that once took years to master, but that doesn't make you as good a driver.

What's in a name?

Flower Gallery online - 18 June 2010

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I've just put up a new photography gallery or two, one is dedicated to flowers, in various forms and styles, whilst the second is actually dedicated to some photographs I've taken of my bike.

DIY Ringflash - 23 April 2010

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Spotted a nice article over at for a pretty cheap and cheerful DIY ringflash that involves two LED light rings meant for car headlights and a lens hood. Very easy and as I said, cheap...

New Pics up

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More Photographs Uploaded

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New Photos on Flickr

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Created with flickr slideshow.

New Galleries

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I have two new galleries online.
The first is dedicated to all things Industrial

and the second to photographs taken on my recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales

Airplane Graveyard

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Aircraft graveyards are always a great photo opportunity, and here's a nice selection of photographs of one in the Mojave dessert taken by Ransom Riggs who takes advantage of the HDR technique to bring some impacts full of impact. Sometimes the effect is a bit strong, but when they are done well they don't look alien, and that's what HDR should be about.

Plane Graveyard.

Sergey Maximishin

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Great gallery by Russian photographer Sergey Maximishin. The style is photojournalism, and the images always have an underlying sadness in my eyes. Well worth a look at his extensive online gallery.


I'm a Photographer...

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"Photography is under attack. Across the country it that seems anyone with a camera is being targeted as a potential terrorist, whether amateur or professional, whether landscape, architectural or street photographer.

Not only is it corrosive of press freedom but creation of the collective visual history of our country is extinguished by anti-terrorist legislation designed to protect the heritage it prevents us recording."


That font looks familiar...

Ah yes:

Simlar font.


HDR Self-Portrait

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I've been wanting to use HDR / Tonemapping for a portrait for a while. The images that you get are gritty, and very detailed. Not flattering for sure, but definitely striking. I went for a real, just step outside and take a picture, no shaving, make up, cleaning, preening or waiting till the light is flattering. Oh, and no blurring, smoothing and hiding afterwards. I wanted a gritty black and white self portrait and that's what I got. Click on the image for a big version.

Oh, and whilst I'm at it, here's a new bit of music.


New pics up on deviantart

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Top is the gasmask, it turned up (an adventure in itself) and the second is the view I get when I take the dog for a long walk Wednesday mornings.

Click on the pictures to go over to see them on my Deviantart page, and, ahem, buy a print should you so wish.

Photoshop Trick to Reduce Filesize

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"..If you want to save some space (my tests showed a loss of 20%, but I didn’t try it on bigger files, which could lead to an even better result), put a white filled layer on the top of your PSD file, save it, and see the slim-fast effect..."

Goosed from

Interesting camera holster/holder

By admin (when...  28/05/2009 @ 11:31:01, Where Photography, linked 947 times)
Check out the Spider Holster, looks like a neat enough idea. Lets see how much it goes for this autumn.

Video after the jump

Edit... He does bear a passing resemblance to Trent Reznor huh?
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