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Finally it Snowed some in Morlupo

By admin (when...  13/02/2010 @ 10:08:05, Where Personal, linked 824 times)

Well it waited till half way through February but we finally had some snow that settled. The next day and it was all but gone, but here are a few pictures of the event, for proof, like...

You can find the full set in a new gallery.

Photography Gallery : Snow in Morlupo.


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So, here's another brief update, just to keep things rollin'.
Music-wise I've taken a break. The stimulus isn't there right now, so I'll wait some more. When I get the urge, it'll come back. With the better weather coming I've been carrying on making knives, with more to come. It's cathartic and almost zen-like spending hours hand-filing or grinding metal and wood. Just a lot noisier than most zen activities I guess. I should record some audio, maybe an industrial project will get the creative juices flowing (no sniggering at the back).
I got myself a nice scooter: Majesty 250. I'd rather it was a Kawasaki Ninja, but you can't always get what you want. For my first set of wheels since the moped it's probably best something a little safer, plus it'll take us two-up at 70 mph and leave most cars at traffic lights without problems, so I forsee trips to the beach this summer.
Good weather has meant I've been gardening too, more quiet than the knife-making, thats for sure... The vegetable garden is filling up with basil, lettuce, courgettes, dwarf beans, tomatoes, rosemary, salvia, chives, olives, apples, broccolli, spring onions, chilli peppers and garlic. If I could make beer too I wouldn't need to go to the supermarket!
It'll be bbq weather soon as well, bring it on.
Got myself a neat little video camera a few months back, so I'm taking in video editing as best I can. It's very similar to audio sequencing, so apart from little weird glitches like no audio, it's a breeze really. The only problem so far is uploading decent quality online, everything on youtube just ends up looking awful, whereas on the computer and the tv it looks great.
Sunday I was up early to watch the MotoGP, it's getting a little dull, there seems to be less overtaking than there used to be, someone gets to the front and then it's just a long drag to the end. Whereas the Superbike later on in the day had some amazing dueling in the first heat, American rider Spies is a fantastic driver, if not a litle hit and miss (he wiped out early on in the second heat, and then it became a little dull as Haga got himself some space at the front and that was the race over. I also took in some Formula 1, but it's still as dull as washing the dishes. If I want to watch pitstops I'll go work in a petrol station...
So this week I'm looking at making some kind of bamboo fencing for the garden (we have a readily available and free supply of the raw materials), and as well as starting another knife, and finishing one I have had on the go for months, I think I will open up the music sequencer and see if I'm in the mood for making music. Recently most music I've had the chance to listen to has left me cold. I can't seem to find anything new and stimulating, it's all been done before and done to death. Perhaps it's all just part of the same apathetic feeling I have towards my own music, but most tracks I start to listen to I skip within the first minute, and that's the same as for new and old stuff. I gave the new Depeche Mode a listen to, for old time's sake, but apart from the single it's dreary.

The Storm Before the Lull?

By admin (when...  22/03/2009 @ 09:20:57, Where Personal, linked 1155 times)
T'has been a busy month since we got back from the UK, but very soon that is all about to change (the reasons for which I'll go into in my livejournal account). What will be nice though is some more free time, and that means time for music, photography, making knives, making films, and the garden.
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