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2007 release for this New York industrial artist, and industrial is something that'll have a warm place in my heart till I die. It's punishing and grinding, but with bits of regular percussion, and pads to make it all the more haunting. This is the night time city nightmare track for an apocalyptic industrial raveolution. Definitely danceable, with aspirin.



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Another one not really my cup of tea but I'll give it ago. Electro goth stars, Blutengel have been going for years, always with a fair amount of electronics in their arsenal, and they are often well-loved on dance floor all over the shop. The female vocals in this one have that discordant sound that can rock my world when it's Cosey, but here it doesn't do it for me. There's certainly some programming talent going on here, and production is first class, but musically this theatrical OTT goth stuff isn't working for me. Has a few catchy moments though. Next!



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Impact Zone

Italian EBM time, from my mates over in Blank. Up-tempo start, dance floor orientated, and interesting vocal effects (I like some experimentation, keeps it fresh). Pretty good production too, the usual four on the floor percussion but with nice hi hat lines, very good song structures, leanings towards trance sounds... and I just get this impression that if it had come out 5 years ago it would have put Italy on the international EBM map. Now the scene is over-saturated, and it seems to stand out, you have to ground-breaking in every way. I'd also like some more vocal experimentation, but this is all good material for this, the band's second full length album (but looking closely they've a lot of CDs out there). Highlight for me is Beneath, one I'd listen to over and over.

Black Heaven

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Interesting start for this album, German male vocals, sung not distorted, lull us in, but then a wall of guitars announces a change in atmosphere. Bit of an odd one this, I'm old school so I'd call it electro-goth and leave it at that. Atmospheric songs, not really my cup of tea. I'll pass this one on to my goth-expert, who says, “not bad, must listen to the rest” (thanks Valentina). Next!


Autoclav 1.1

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Visitors Attractions

Ambient glitch here in a real Aphex Twin “Ambient Works” vein to sooth your troubled thoughts, getting you through another sleepless night. Reverbing pads, echoing pianos, plaintive synthlines interspersed with glitched rhythms and forceful bass chords. Well produced, inspiring, melancholic, but not done here for the first time, there's little to differentiate Autoclav from Richard James or many others who followed him. It's good stuff though, don't get me wrong, but not ground-breaking. Very nice piano solos certainly carry you away from time to time...


Assemblage 23

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2007 album from Tom, the man who put 23 in his band name and therefore deserves awe-inspired recognition wherever he steps foot. The music is of course melodic EBM, verging on synth pop. Great production, and song structures. Always on the verge of a pop hit, Meta sees some experimentation on the classic four on the floor beat (like in the Prodigy-style Raw), but without ever losing sight of the fact that a good melodic hook makes the song. Sometimes I'd like a little more edge, maybe on the drums and groove. Who knows what a Sebastian Komor produced Assemblage 23 album would sound like? I'd love to find out. Ghosts has that pumping groove in it that's like And One or Fixmer, and it makes me want to turn the stereo up loud. Binary needs no introduction, it was a club hit back in 2007 when this album came out, all I'll say is it's a great EBM dance song. Good album this one, nothing shocking or innovative, but it marks the man's artistic progression very nicely indeed.



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New direction for the German IDM musician, with real instruments, and real songs replacing the glitch of Trial and Error. Tracks like Hailin From the Edge take on a soul / house feel, almost funky in feel, whilst others like Useless Information return to a techno inspired linear song structure, but applied to more melodic and almost pop-like instrumentals. Off beat, and I like it.



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Trial and Error

Glitch rhythms open the dance with Apparat, Aphex style, and I like that. Clean sounds exquisitely engineered and produced rule the nest, so there is no clutter amongst the kaleidoscope of noise. More music to study, music that forms a sound engineered research into intelligent dance. More masterful music from Germany.



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Dark ambient, eerie and sinister (the crow calls were a bit over the top perhaps, no matter) this is the soundtrack to a grand finale, and nobody gets out alive. There are spoken voice lyrics, similar to something Adi Newton might have done back in the day, but this time distorted and effected. Haunting and hypnotic indeed, with its tribal and military rhythms. Listening to this album I feel one should turn off the lights and close their eyes. Music to be studied.


Angels and Agony

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I like this band, one of my faves actually. Gotta love the clean voice, just like EBM should have, catchy melodies, intelligent song structures with no easy cheese to please the crowd. The production is of course great, and a lot of work has gone into all aspects of the songs. Very VNV Nation at times, but I'll let them have that. They have enough nice sounds in there to keep my interest till the last track. Tracks like Unison are dance hits waiting for a bright DJ to please the crowd. The lyrics seem well thought out too, nothing gratuitous or thankfully, vulgar for the shock value. Drum beats are well programmed and sampled, doing their job nicely. I'm putting this one on the MP3 player for everyday listening for sure.


Alien Vampires

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Evil Generation

I know one of the guys who does this stuff, but I wasn't expecting to like it much, not really my cup of tea, all that metal you see, but I was pleasantly surprised. Some leads and vocals are very Hocico-style. The production doesn't convince me, sounds home-produced, albeit cleanly. There's a fair deal of religion-bashing, shock tactics (I Fuck Nuns) which is a bit over the top, but shock tactics usually are. Pleasantly surprised here, nice up-tempo and dancey EBM. The only criticism I'd give them is the growly voice, but then I always sang clean because I prefer it. After one track the production got a lot better too, OK Francesco, I give it a thumbs up, 'tis good.



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Melodies for the Devil

Good hard 'n' Harsh EBM, Hocico style growled vocals and catchy leads for this Mexican aggrotech band. Beyond the Darkness is as good as the aforementioned Hocico any day (or night) of the week. Dance floor material, the goths will like it too. Again, originality is not so abundant here, but it does the job very nicely.


Adam X

By admin (when...  07/01/2009 @ 13:56:09, Where Music Reviews, linked 622 times)
State of Limbo

Berlin born techno, electronic and EBM artist gives some good, hypnotic techno sounds on this album. Definitely techno trip material for a night cruise down the autobahn, this tracks slowly evolve like a cross-continental train journey. I'd have loved this on my train trip across Russia, but I'd have also ended up cabin crazy I guess... Very German, in the best way possible, Klinikal with a capital “K”.



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More Than Machine

Very Frontline Assembly this one, with a German after-taste. Good basslines abound, and I feel like dancing. Lots of vocal samples, anthemic choruses, all good stuff in the first track, but as the album progresses I'm left feeling its still derivative. It's produced well, but I keep on getting deja vu sensations, how far can EBM go before nothing will sound new? Icon of Coil style stab leads as song intros, four on the floor kick with distorted snare every other hit. I'm reaching for the skip button. The 303 in Under Control keeps my interest a bit longer.



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Holy Machine

German, anthemic, slightly Teutonic. The title track is good, melodic and dancey EBM. German singing always works in this context, especially with a growly male vocalist. Not too original, reminds me of Rammstein, but then I guess most of them do. Good production, catchy songs, I like it in general, but there isn't that little something that would make them stand out for me as something really special, it's a little too “by the numbers”. Good dance floor fodder for padding out an evening, but I'm not sure they'd bring people rushing out to dance. Nice 2001 vocal samples, good melody lines, it grows on you. Endorphine is a great track, one I'll be playing again on a regular basis I reckon., likewise Kein Vergeben, but I've heard that bassline somewhere before, and oh my gosh it was Frontline Assembly, Mindphaser at a guess... tut tut... There are a few remixes, but nothing that stands out. Not bad, some nice ones, some lacking...
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