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New Bandcamp Page

By admin (when...  03/10/2015 @ 11:33:31, Where Music, linked 373 times)
So, I've just got round to setting up a Bandcamp page for all my music:

Keep your eye on it for stuff in the coming days: some free, and some for pennies.

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Tower 23 Mix 3

By admin (when...  31/07/2015 @ 23:13:18, Where Music, linked 296 times)

Tower 23 DJ Coresect Mix 3 by Paul Toohill on Mixcloud

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Tower 23

By admin (when...  06/07/2015 @ 17:25:49, Where Music, linked 367 times)

Tower 23 DJ Coresect Mix 1 by Paul Toohill on Mixcloud

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Updating and shit... - 13 May 2010

By admin (when...  13/05/2010 @ 17:20:07, Where Music, linked 972 times)
So, I'm trying to link my facebook page with this blog at so this should get duplicated nicely. Listening the Aphex Twin's Drukqs and it was worth waiting nine years to play the damn thing. Now it doesn't feel so long since he released anything, right?

How to Destroy Angels - 5 May 2010

By admin (when...  05/05/2010 @ 10:56:14, Where Music, linked 717 times)

Cute little sequencer

By admin (when...  14/12/2009 @ 18:50:37, Where Music, linked 673 times)

Odd, and I like it

By admin (when...  22/10/2009 @ 14:57:12, Where Music, linked 653 times)

blackhole from arjanM on Vimeo.


Meat Beat Manifesto Documentary

By admin (when...  10/10/2009 @ 13:11:17, Where Music, linked 1156 times)

Nice series of youtube videos all about Meat Beat Manifesto, a band that helped form the sound we all know and love.

Ganked from Waveformless.

Kibuka - Dean Dennis

By admin (when...  13/09/2009 @ 16:13:40, Where Music, linked 1262 times)


KIBUKA is a new project from Dean Dennis and his collaborator Snook. Dean Dennis should need no introduction, but I'll just mention he was a member of Clock DVA and The AntiGroup, and that should be enough. KIBUKA (the war god of the Buganda tribe of East Africa) is more beat driven and anti-social than Dean's other projects, and in his own words it is closer to his Clock DVA and early Sector experience. LIstening to the demos on his website you can hear that classic "Man Amplified" sound. Incidentally, if you ever saw Clock DVA perform live back in the nineties, Dean was the one member you wouldn't argue with, but I have to say, he was always polite and quietly spoken. I'll be buying a copy of his album when I have the chance.


Chris Watson

By admin (when...  10/09/2009 @ 19:03:58, Where Music, linked 906 times)

Chris Watson was one of the three original founding members of seminal band Cabaret Voltaire, but after recording briefly with them (as well as with the Hafler Trio) he took a different direction with his passion for sound when he became a sound recordist specialising in natural history. Over the years he has become a highly considered expert in his field, and if you listen to any of his recordings you can hear why.
At his website you can download some of his tracks, and see what he's been up to recently.


New Music File Format

By admin (when...  11/08/2009 @ 20:51:22, Where Music, linked 828 times)
The record industry attempts once again to disappear up its own greedy orifice by trying to bring out a replacement for all those MP3's we have:

"Forget WAV, MP3 and M4A – major labels have something new in mind, and it's called CMX. Sony, Warner, Universal and EMI are reportedly preparing a new digital album format that will include songs, lyrics, videos, liner notes and artwork."

Ganked from The Guardian

I have to wonder why they called it CMX, when another nice name like FAIL would have suited it much better. Forward thinking Apple are working on one of their own, called Cocktail.

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