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Little Things

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My girl has started up a new blog called Little Things dedicated to handcraft and bricolage. One of the first things she's made was this little cat, followed by more cats, fish, and even an elephant. Now she's exploring new worlds of little stuffed (and perfumed) animals.


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Official Website of Kris Kuksi, amazing artist creating 3d models of fantasy weirdness. I do like his church tank and the skull sculptures..



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bagel recipes

Bagels are good, I have fond memories of cycling from Bethnal Green down to Brick Lane late at night to a 24 hour bagel bakery. Hard to forget one guy insisting on them doing a bacon bagel, totally serious he was too. Anyway, I reckon he was right and what's a little problem of pork got to do with it? Here in Morlupo bagels are hard to find, so I'm going to try my hand at making some myself.


Video Editing Forum

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Here's the first in a series of useful, interesting, funny or just plain weird links.

Video Editing Forums: Digital Director

Forum dedicated to digital film editing. Good selection of advice on offer for most of the best video editing platforms.


Public Film downloads

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Thousands of old, public domain films for free download.
My first download was Night of the Living Dead.


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Nice set of Lovecraft style fonts, from his handwriting to weird symbols. You know you want to...

Lovecraft Fonts
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