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Swiss Army Cuttlery holder

By admin (when...  11/06/2009 @ 11:11:24, Where Furnishings, linked 1507 times)

Neat idea, don't think I'd want one in my kitchen though.

Nuts and Bolts Chess Set

By admin (when...  06/06/2009 @ 18:39:25, Where Furnishings, linked 53965 times)

Something I've been meaning to do for years. I even had a load of tile squares saved from a bathroom job. One day I'll find myself in a DIY place and with some spare cash for nuts and bolts...

Sticky Cable Grips

By admin (when...  06/06/2009 @ 14:57:25, Where Furnishings, linked 1616 times)

Very simple idea, but one that could save the chaos that's covering your desk...

Save your teeth, use the dog's

By admin (when...  21/05/2009 @ 13:11:27, Where Furnishings, linked 744 times)
Bulldog bottle opener for yer wall. Don't screw this to your fridge.
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