Technology is a Sacrifice
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Nuclear? You Have to be Kidding...

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Don't forget to vote.
Japan is getting worse.

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No Impact Man

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Colin Beavan had written a few books about historical events when he had an idea for a new book: live for a year in a metropolis like New York without damaging the planet, leaving a zero carbon footprint, no impact. Nice idea, difficult to carry out when you consider that means not buying anything, not throwing anything away, not using electricity, and no gas/oil/petrol powered transport, but a good idea all the least. They ate local, well not exactly local for us Europeans, they put a limit of 250 miles for their food, that covers a lot of Italy for example, but what a difference that would make for us too.
Oh, and Colin managed to involve his family in the idea too.
Why is it when someone does something like this they get ridiculed? The New York Times did an article with the title The Year Without Toilet Paper, giving a clear message of their priorities. Here was a family that tried not to destroy the planet for a year, and what do we get hooked up on? They don't use toilet paper. Nice. We all live our happy lives based upon torturing and killing, raping and pillaging the Earth for all it's worth, and if someone says, "lets see if we could reduce this" they get ridiculed.
What the hell, we'll all die someday so why not sooner and in pain, right?
So the idea became a book, and now a film, and I for one am interested in seeing how their experience was. Sure, he, they, took it to extremes, but I think there's something in there we can all do to live a little better.
No go eat yer MerDonalds, who cares, right?

Irrigation system can grow crops with salt water

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A British company has created an irrigation system that can grow crops using salt water.

(It) can be filled with almost any water... even take most industrial waste-water and use it without the need for a purification process.

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