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Tower 23 DJ Set mix 2

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Tower 23 DJ Set 2 by Paul Toohill on Mixcloud

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Philae - More Modular Madness

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New Modular Tracks

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And I wonder Why...

By admin (when...  05/03/2010 @ 14:03:45, Where Coresect, linked 1212 times)
What is this site for, and why do I want it here? I've had periods of intense internet activity, and periods of web-presence death. The problem with fulfilling your goals always starts with the problem of identifying your goals. So I'm trying to that right here and right now. Web blogs (for want of a better term) are usually most successful when they have a specific target and they stick to it. After many years I know that I can't do that. I wander, I waffle, I take breaks and then I blather on for ages without taking breaths. Should my blog be for music, or photography, or making knives, or about my bike, my dog, the garden, politics, or teaching?
No matter how much I try to decide, choose and eliminate, I keep on changing roads. The path I take is not a straight one. In fact it seems to spend more time doubling back and veering off that I've come to understand that I'll never reach my destination, not because it is too far away, or because I don't know where it is, but rather because it is just one of many destinations. Each one being the most important on any given day or moment.So I have decided to not decide. Or not decided to decide, the result is the same. One thing is sure though, the one thing that every web blog shares is it has to exist, and that is what I will try to do here: to exist.

Been away

By admin (when...  01/03/2009 @ 14:40:31, Where Coresect, linked 939 times)
Went to the UK for a break, and birthday. Was good to relax some, eat some good English food, and see my family.


By admin (when...  09/10/2008 @ 23:08:49, Where Coresect, linked 1310 times)
is an ugly beasty, but I'm coming out of it.

You can't escape viri when you are on public transport, trains become bloody big test tubes...

But I'm coming out the other side.
I hope. So music, singing and all the rest
will be back on track very soon.

Oh, and I think I'm going to get into knife making.


By admin (when...  20/09/2008 @ 16:08:51, Where Coresect, linked 860 times)
So I've been playing with Traktor, and I am quite amazed.

As I type this I've got a perfect loop in VNV's Chrome (Soman mix) together with another perfect loop  of Fixmer and McCarthy's You Want It, and is took me 30 seconds to set up. This program is quite amazing. Now if I can figure out how to have the audio coming out of the portable's main output and the headphones coming out of the usb audio out, I'll be using this the next time I DJ. Oh yeah, that might just be happening this autumn.

One Month In

By admin (when...  09/08/2008 @ 17:33:34, Where Coresect, linked 806 times)
One month of life and we have reached 1,427 page hits. Not bad, thanks for the time and attention.

A new beginning

By admin (when...  14/06/2008 @ 19:08:06, Where Coresect, linked 973 times)
And after too many years and too much wasting time, I finally got the dominion and started to create my own site. This site will be an output for everything I do. That will of course be music, and photography, and fiction, song words, music reviews, ideas and everything else that comes to mind. takes life

By admin (when...  01/11/2005 @ 00:00:01, Where Coresect, linked 1305 times)

This site is dedicated to all things Coresect
It will cover Generator, the music project
As well as Photography, writing, thoughts...

There will be a weekly music download, which will vary from new material to older demo tracks which have never been published till now.
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