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Alice in Wonderland Grew Up

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Alice is back, and she's mad.
Don't you just love video games?

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Joy Wars - 27 June 2010

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Nice, combining Joy Division with Star Wars was a flash of genius for someone.

Se-X-Ray - 17 Jun 2010

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Promotional pin-up calendars have withstood the test of time, with garages and lorry cabs having one or two proudly on display, challenging our politically correct times. Only one of them ever made it through to the bigtime, with the world's press eagerly awaiting eachnew year's offering of arty (and therefore respectable) smut, and all to promote tyres... So I was pleasantly surprised to see this offering, from a medical supplies company called Eizo. Their innovative Pin-up Calendar 2010 actually has a nice twist, as all the photographs are X-rays. I've no idea if they are real or faked up, but the look great, and I'd happily have one of these on my wall. Beauty is sometimes more than just skin deep.

Created by the German advertising agency Butter.

See the rest of the pictures over at Boing Boing.

Papercraft Skull

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Just in time for Halloween, get the free plans for this nice looking papercraft skull. I bet mine will end up looking like some kind of mutant, which in this case will be just fine.

The link.

Marvel Meets Disney

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Disney buys Marvel, and has a photoshop challenge to match them up. Some are amazingly precise (Iron Mouse is great, go look) but this one is winning it for me.

Xia Xiaowan

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Chinee painter Xia Xiaowan creates his "3D artworks" by painting and drawing on multiple sheets of glass like slices of a three dimensional sculpture. The results are striking, and I suspect need to be seen in person to be really appreciated.

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