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Here are some interesting links:

28/06/2009 - PictureSocial is where photographers can share knowledge and learn from others. You can display and critique photos (unlimited free photo storage), blog, discuss camera equipment and more. Flickr users can copy all their photos to PictureSocial. -
28/06/2009 - Photographs by Chad Michael Ward, in a horror - erotic vein. -
28/06/2009 - Probably the most famous cool hunting site on the web. -
28/06/2009 - Sad state of affairs when one of the few people to speak out against the maze of corruption that is Italy is a comedian. His blog is one of the top ten influential blogs in the world, and in English too. -
28/06/2009 - Marco Travaglio is one of few Italian journalists to risk speaking out about the sorry state of Italian politics, and he targets corruption on all sides with no political bias (such is the extent of widespread corruption). In Italian. -
28/06/2009 - Site dedicated to good photographs of some very nice motorbikes. Mainly older stuff, but every now and then they have something modern. -
28/06/2009 - How to use flash in photography, off-camera and in ways you wouldn't have thought of. Very good ideas here, people. -
29/06/2008 - Open Source Food - Open source recipes for urban cooks.
29/06/2008 - HDR Tutorials - Good list of online HDR tutorials.
29/06/2008 - B3ta - The weird and wonderful B3ta.
29/06/2008 - Photoshop Disasters - Photoshop in the hands of idiots.
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