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P90x Days 25 to 30 - 4 November 2010

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And the P90X adventure continues, and I'm now a third of the way in.
So, Day 25 was X Stretch. Nice and easy, bit of stretching, and I do enjoy this one. I did it last thing before hitting the sack.

Day 26 was the dreaded Core Synergistics once more. I tried harder this time, and managed to roll about on the floor like a pro. That doesn't sound right. What kind of pro rolls about on the floor? Anyway, I did the whole routine, upping my reps from two days before, adding weights where I'd skipped them the first time round, and pretty much forgot about the sand kicking debacle from day 24. I can't say I nailed it, but lets just say C.S. didn't snigger quite so loudly this time.

Now on Day 27 I actually kinda came off the wagon, whoops. It should have been Yoga X, but apathy, tiredness and plain old forgetting meant I suddenly realised it was 11:30 in the evening and I still hadn't done it. I was tempted to call it a night and go to bed, maybe swapping it for the X Stretch the day after, but no, I had an idea. Instead I went for Tony Horton's One on One Fountain of Youth lesson: 45 minutes of yoga. All in all it's still a bugger to get through, but half as long, so I only feel half as guilty.

On Day 28 I decided to take the rest option and do bugger all.  I nailed the resting - no question.

So that was Phase 1 over, and now I was on to the next level: Phase 2... In reality only two out of the 3 weight routines are changed, everything else stays the same. Nevertheless, this small change is great for someone who did 60 days of P90 (most of which were the same 2 videos...).

In at the deep end, Day 29 was the new Chest, Shoulders & Triceps. followed by the not so new Ab Ripper X. No surprise that this new routine has loads of press ups, and it's no surprise to me that I stopped missing them three press ups into the routine. There are slow motion ones, sliding about ones, hand clap ones and my personal favourite (not) the one-handed variety. I tried to start each type on my hands and feet, and quickly ended each one on my knees. Most of the weight routines were done with my lighter 5 Kg dumbbells, and only a few felt too easy. This is a problem, because it means that this routine is crying out for another dumbbell set, so I'll be pausing the video to change weights on my adjustable pair. Anyway, I felt pretty pathetic after today, this is what that whole muscle confusion deal is all about, I guess. After getting into the first three-week series of videos I was getting confident, and now suddenly my muscles are guessing what to do, and mostly giving me the wrong answers. It's all good though. Ab Ripper X on the other hand was a breeze, kinda. 349 reps with only a small amount of grunting.

And finally to today: Day 30 and it's good old Plyometrics. Hmmm. My chest and shoulders are aching today, which means tomorrow will be hell on legs. I need to eat some bananas, they should help with the pain.

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