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P90X - DIY Pull Up Bar

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The only things that you need to do P90X (apart from will-power and sheer bloody mindedness) are dumbbells (which can be substituted by resistance bands), a mat and a Pull Up Bar. Yeah, you need a towel and water, and sure, Tony does tell you to have a little bucket ready, but so far I've made do with a mop for the sweat.
I had some weights and a pair of dumbbells, but I might get some bands soon too just to help when I need to switch weights for some exercises. The company that makes P90X do recommend you buy their own products at every opportunity, but that's fair enough, they have money to make. In the UK and the States pull up bars are easy to come by, but here in Italy it isn't the case, you're lucky to find the simple twist-in-place bar if you venture down to your local sports shop, and they need some fastening and don't offer multiple hand positions. A much better idea is the kind that hooks on a door frame. No screws or nails, and no big ugly bars on your walls, something my girl would never have allowed in the living room. So, faced with extortionate postal charges to ship one from the UK I made my own out of steel water pipes. The pipes and joints come in a wide range of sizes and are all threaded, so with €17 I bought the bits and screwed them together. As added security I welded the joints up, but I think that was overkill in reality.

Here you can see the form, no rocket science, it just exerts force on the wall in two directions (forwards and backwards) and locks into place when I need it. A couple of rubber feet help save the wall on the back (and I put some tape on the there to stop the feet marking the wall). The side legs are covered in fowm and gaffer tape. I might put some padding on the bars sooner or later, I was thinking bicycle handlebar tape, but for now I wear gloves when doing pull ups.

My P90X story so far.

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