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Film progress

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Well, I had some problems getting film from the camera onto a nice and easy DVD (not everyone likes watching films on a computer you see). Windows Movie Maker wouldn't let me import the mpeg2 format that my camera produces, leaving me the only option of converting the film into AVI and then importing it. Unfortunately the rendered film out the other end was of dreadful quality. Back to the drawing board. I looked at the video editing programmes available and at the computing power I have available. It made sense (or so I thought) to take a look at Sony's Vegas, the reasoning being that it would guarantee better compatibility with the camera. Unfortunately that wasn't to be, but I'll get to that later. First of all I also had to download some windoze components for the programme to work, but once I got those (a relatively painless process too) the programme (Platinum edition) worked, as such... Sadly it didn't work to well, as there was no audio on the films I put in it. Strange, films from a Sony camera don't work in a Sony video editing programme. I searched through all the options, settings and having no success I turned to some forums where I discovered that Vegas had a bug (affecting the very format Sony uses for its cams, talk about not finding your own arse in the dark...) so I downloaded an update and now it all works nicely. Now I need to figure how to get reasonable quality on the web, and then I'll put some things up I've been working on.
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